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A Memorable Pilgrimage

On September 17th, 2022, I joined members of Regnum Christi on a pilgrimage to the Our Lady of Grace Shrine at Mary Lake. It was truly a great experience for my family and me.

We began the morning with Mass celebrated by Fr. Louis and Fr. Pierre, during the homily Fr. Pierre mentioned how coming to the Mary Lake Shrine was “like an escape from the outside world”, and by the end of the evening, this statement really started to make sense to me.

We had the opportunity to recite the Rosary along the Rosary path, a very calming experience as I was able to meditate on each decade while also enjoying the beautiful outdoor weather.

Throughout this pilgrimage, we were surrounded by many loving, kind, and faithful people. Everyone was very welcoming and the positive atmosphere really made this a memorable experience for me.

I was encouraged to lead prayers which really let me get involved and make this experience a lot more personal.

From the amazing food, lovely weather, beautiful songs, and prayers, and to the many kind smiles, I believe this will be a very touching memory that I will always remember.

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