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Lent Letter from LC Chaplain

Dear Regnum Christi friends,

Since I arrived in Oakville, the Gospel of Zacchaeus (Luke 19) keeps coming to my mind and heart. I have been touched by Jesus in many ways, while visiting with a few of the teams. Some of you were Jesus speaking to me, some surprised me by unveiling the gaze of Jesus upon a Regnum Christi member or upon one of my Legionary brothers, some by their humility had me growing in my awareness of my own obstacles to see more who Jesus is.

Many of you are intentionally going deeper in the Regnum Christi identity this year. I want to use the opportunity of this Lent letter to focus on the identity aspect of the path of Zacchaeus. To invite you to bring it into your heart during this beautiful liturgical time.

As Jesus was passing through the town of Jericho, Zacchaeus wanted to see who Jesus was. He climbed a Sycamore tree. It is when he reached the place that Jesus looked up and said to him to come down quickly for today, he wanted to stay at his house. Then we notice his joy, his capacity to stand in front of the grumbling of others, becoming just again and even loving now with abundance, finding and letting his true identity in Jesus shine.

“When” we “reach the place” of Lent Jesus is passing in our busy life. It is good to notice how Jesus looks up to you, invites you to come down quickly. It is good to use Lent to rediscover your true Regnum Christi identity. To process this as Zacchaeus under the gaze of Jesus.

Perhaps these questions may be helpful for you during Lent to go deeper in your identity as a Catholic and as a member of Regnum Christi:

  1. During this Lent, how is my encounter with the Lord called to transform my role in my family or in my prayer life?

  2. How has Regnum Christi impacted my life?

  3. If someone asked, how would I answer the question “What is Regnum Christi to me”?

  4. What Regnum Christi dimension do I live well?

  5. What dimension do I struggle with/need to grow in?

I hope to see you at our March 14th Regnum Christi Lent retreat on the Calvary Legacy. It has been such a joy to prepare it with two local Regnum Christi members. I feel the teamwork with Regnum Christi members is a sycamore tree where Jesus looked up to me and spoke to me. I will have the chance to share that experience of Jesus with you during our retreat.

Here is a message that I posted on Saturday, February 22 to our RC Ontario WhatsApp group chat. I share it here since some of you may not have read it:

As your chaplain, I felt it would be good to share this with you.

Regarding the terrible scandals related to abuses made by priests, I see that the victim’s enduring suffering is horrible, terrible and dramatic. I’m aware that I need to keep growing in compassion for the victims not only in words but in actions and prayers during my whole life.

I feel their pain for the abandonment they suffered for many years. I still need to convert my heart way more to reach out to them, to care for them, to pray for them and to protect them.

I’m thankful to each one of you, for your care and prayers for me and for my brother Legionaries so that we convert and become more the instruments of Jesus the Good Samaritan.

I want to be available for you. Please contact me if you wish to speak with me as we all journey together.

Your brother in Christ,

Fr Louis de Vaugelas LC

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