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Live the Mystery - Video Series for Team Reflection

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Part of our locality plan for this year is to reflect on our mission of making present the mystery of Christ, as explained in #8 of the Statutes of the Regnum Christi Federation. A short series of videos is being prepared on the six verbs that appear in this number:

8. To fulfill our mission, we seek to make present the mystery of Christ who goes out to people, reveals the love of his heart to them, gathers them together and forms them as apostles and Christian leaders, sends them out and accompanies them as they collaborate in the evangelization of people and of society.

We're happy to announce that the introductory video and the video on the first two verbs--go out, and reveal, are ready.

The hope is that every Regnum Christi member and each team takes time to watch and reflect on the videos and verbs. This will help us deepen in our RC identity and discern together the next steps to take in our locality.

Below is the link to the guidelines and questionnaire to accompany these videos.

The first questionnaire was to have been submitted in November 2020. The second questionnaire on "gathers and forms" is due mid February 2021. The next video and questionnaire will be posted in March with a new video on “sends and accompanies”.

Learn more about, Who We Are and how we aim to "Live the Mystery" through our adult, young adult and youth work.

Continue reading, watching and reflecting on the 6 verbs. The second pair of verbs, Christ Gathers and Forms was shared in February 2021.

The third video and questionnaire covering the last two verbs, "Christ Sends and Accompanies" was shared in April 2021.

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