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Encountering Christ via Zoom

Milton RC Team

Our local teams of perseverance have been meeting regularly via Zoom. In ‘normal’ circumstances, regular virtual Encounters with Christ would not be encouraged. As we all know and now crave the benefits of person to person communication.

However, in times like this, we are having to practice ‘social distancing’ but we want to be sure that we are not socially distancing ourselves to the extreme of missing out on opportunities to stay connected to our teams and to Christ.

Some of our members have shared the benefits they have experienced, however, unexpected during this unprecedented time.

“My name is Kathy Reeves and I am a member of Regnum Christi and have been involved for many years. Years ago my family moved and I could no longer be a part of the weekly Encounter meetings. I did continue to go on many silent retreats for Women. This year one of my colleagues from Brampton asked me to join her team, as they were now meeting virtually on Zoom. I was thrilled to be back. My prayers were answered. The experience of being on a team enriches my faith, helps me to be faithful to my Commitments to Christ and helps me to feel a part of a family who prays for me, loves me for who I am and never judges me. Every week I learn something new and it encourages me to stay grounded in the mission of building the Kingdom of God.” – RC Member, Brampton Team

For me meeting with the amazing women of RC has been such a blessing. I look forward to Tuesday’s and to listen to how the word of God speaks to every heart that shares. This touches me deeply, from an answer I seek that is suddenly heard, to a comfort needed even if I don’t speak, a blindness lifted and an understanding learned. To realize these gifts and share myself what touches my own heart from hearing God’s word read in this way is something I never experienced before. It began from only one face to face meeting but to experience it still gives me hope to know that Jesus is with me and meets me where I am, even on Zoom!” – Dianne Cardoso, Discerning Member of Milton Team

We had a beautiful virtual Spiritual Study this past Saturday with Fr Todd and Fr Louis. NM team ladies assisted and they had a great surprise with all the bible readings and pictures related with each lady from the team. It was a nice work by Fr Louis creating a beautiful book for our team. We had a beautiful meeting and we were very motivated and inspired by both priests and the talk. Praise to God. ” Zully Zambrano, Newmarket Team Leader

Newmarket Team’s Spiritual formation via Zoom with Fr. Louis and Fr. Todd

Regnum Christi members in Quebec meet with Fr. Louis de Vaugelas, LC

Regnum Christi members from across the country met via Zoom recently.

“Our virtual Encounter this morning had participants from Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario and British Columbia!  We generally have PEI, NB, NS and ON represented; however, today we were coast to coast. Thanks be to God!” – Deb D’Ettore, RC Member in Maritimes

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