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A Family Called to Communion and Mission

by Fr. Todd Arsenault, LC

I’ve often reflected on the gift of my immediate family being so mysteriously committed to living our Catholic faith and being involved in the mission of the Church through Regnum Christi. It is something that humbles me because I realize that it can only come from the Lord himself.

I come from the small Canadian province of Prince Edward Island and a family of five: my parents, Ray and Marcia and two younger sisters, Tawnya and Tracy. It was amazing how the Lord introduced my sister Tawnya and I to Regnum Christi 27 years ago by meeting the Legionaries of Christ and the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi. Little did we know how the charism, spirituality and mission of Regnum Christi would shape the dynamic of our small family for the next quarter century.

Tawnya and I were quite drawn to the amazing and dynamic people we met from Regnum Christi. There was something that just resonated in us and made us want to give ourselves fully to this exciting mission of bringing people to a dynamic and fully engaged living of their baptismal promises. This in turn would set hearts and lives aflame with love and commitment to Christ’s call to follow him with all our gifts and talents. Thus, each of my family members experiencing this for themselves allowed for us all to discover our vocation to Regnum Christi, but It did more than just give us the tools to follow Christ better. It drew us together as a family by helping us grow in communion with God, each other and in unity of mission.

I asked my family to share a little something as to what inspired them and how Regnum Christi has helped and blessed us as a family. Here are a few of their comments,

“Twenty-five years have passed and all five of us are totally dedicated to apostolic action and the Movement has been the source of spiritual structure in all our lives.” (Ray)

“Ray and I, along with Todd, Tawnya and Tracy all share the same spirituality. The love of Jesus has kept our family united and has introduced us to a wonderful new family, the RC family!” (Marcia)

“We’ve kept each other accountable, encouraged, driven. For twenty-six years.” (Tracy)

“I look at my family and I’m in awe of their love for Jesus and his Church and for the mission. RC has channelled our zeal and passion for God as a family and has given us a huge spiritual family to belong to.” (Tawnya)

Seeing how each member of my family has journeyed in Regnum Christi and how we have continued to deepen our love for Christ, the Church and the great mission of evangelization, I grow evermore convinced that the Lord called my family to Regnum Christi to bear witness to this communion with God, each other and unity of mission. The Lord not only calls individuals, but he calls families! At least he did in our case!

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