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A Meaningful Celebration of Christ Our King

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

"I am so happy to be part of Regnum Christi, especially such a loving and supportive family in Christ."

"The celebration of Christ the King was beautiful. There was a lot of creativity and initiatives and love for the Lord and the movement. How beautiful it was to see all those new RC members joining our spiritual family! Congratulations!"

"In spite of the COVID restrictions, distancing and masks, it was so uplifting to come together as a spiritual family. I felt that one of the graces was that we were totally focused on the Mass, on Christ."

"The kits were lovely and decorated our family dinner table beautifully. The crown, candle and picture were both a tangible reminder and a way to spiritually connect with our RC family despite the physical distance."

The music was beautiful, as always, and drew us towards Christ Our King!"

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