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Candlelight Adoration - A Beautiful Beginning of Advent

Updated: May 22, 2021

On November 27, 2020 at St. Mathew's parish in Oakville, many attended an Evening Advent Retreat which included Mass, reflections and Adoration by Candlelight with music provided by Francine and Cindy.

“A huge thank you to Francine, Cindy, Bonnie and Jennifer for making possible the heavenly beginning to Advent last evening. Of course, also to our beloved LC priests! The Candlelight Adoration was like no other - it truly is a calling of the Holy Spirit. Thank you, ladies, for answering it faithfully, for putting so much heart, hands, time and talent into this apostolate!! I felt God's love deeply also in His making it possible for my husband and daughter to be present. May God bless you all and may we each discover His desired response to unique Grace's received through the gifts He bestows in our Faith.

Thank you, Father Jerek and Father Pierre, for bring Jesus' unique graces to each of us in retreat last evening! Your meditations were excellent and will accompany us throughout a very special Advent.

Thank you also for the magnificent gifts of Mass, Adoration, and Confession. God is especially impressing on us in these times how privileged we are to receive them in our Faith! My prayer is to discover His desire for my personal response to this gift. We can never thank you enough for "yes" in your vocation to be His very hands and heart.” – Mary Jean

“A very special evening with my RC family. I woke up this morning feeling renewed and refreshed with a longing for Christ's coming on my heart. Thank you, Francine, Cindy, Bonnie, Jennifer as well as Fr Jerek and Fr Pierre for making the evening possible.” - Alicia

“Such a special evening. We look forward to more of these Candlelight Adorations in the new year. Thank you, Francine, Cindy, Bonnie and Jennifer.” - Daniela

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