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Christ Fully Alive In Us

Dear Regnum Christi friends of the Ontario locality,

During the year many of you have been sharing many information and suggestions around the conversations on the 6 verbs from number 8 of our RC statutes. As a Regnum Christi college we have been studying, praying and discussing your input. We aimed at listening to the Holy Spirit to see where he is leading us as a locality. On the day of Corpus Christi we finalized the locality plan for the 3 next years.

We took into account both the territorial plan and the stage we are at here. I feel there is ample scope in the locality plan to accommodate the various sections and RC entities plans (as a college member put it). I nourish the hope that this plan will help us all “to step out boldly in mission to let Christ be known and loved”.

Your brother in Christ,

Fr Louis

Ontario Regnum Christi Plan 2021-2024

Our Mission:

To live the mystery of Christ as a vibrant community of apostles. Christ fully alive in us!

Our Strategy:

To live as vibrant communities of apostles who will reflect the dynamics/reality of family allowing for members of different generations, teams, and sections to work together to take Christ into our society. We are inspired by the images of the mustard seed and the Roman base camp as examples of small beginnings with an enduring effect to transform the culture.

Our Priorities:

  • To create opportunities in order to help our members to discover, embrace, and fully live the Six Verbs of Section 8 of the Statutes of the Regnum Christi Federation: “to fulfill our mission, we seek to make present the mystery of Christ who goes out to people, reveals the love of his heart to them, gathers them together and forms them as apostles and Christian leaders, sends them out and accompanies them as they collaborate in the evangelization of people and of society.”

  • To develop the attitude of being apostles (not just of doing apostolate).

  • To prioritize the work from our Regnum Christi family to all families.

  • To motivate actions which put our Regnum Christi charism out on the streets, to step out boldly in mission to let Christ be known and loved.

  • To read the signs of the times in our parishes through the lens of our charism, what the Lord is inspiring in our hearts, and then responding to the call with love and charity.

  • To reinforce bridges between the different realities, vocations, and generations of Regnum Christi.

  • To encourage the development of small groups, stronger communities where members are fully alive in Christ and connected to each other responding to the same inspirations.

  • To foster and live a culture of vocations.

  • To sustain and build upon initiatives to date.

  • To strengthen the roots of our charism in our locality, by creating and executing on concrete plans to acquire a permanent home for the LC community by 2023/24.

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