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Conquest Teen Leaders Enjoy a Day of Fun and Friendship

Eight teen leaders representing three Conquest club in the Greater Toronto Area gathered at Cameron’s Speedway in Hamilton, ON for a fun filled day of paintball. Br Patrick Giguere and Br Luke Gill met the leaders and one dad on a beautiful April Saturday morning, and the fun began.

Throughout the morning the boys competed in various paintball styles including capture the flag, “president” and classic elimination style. There was a lot of laughter and enjoyment as everyone tried their best to come out on top.

Once the paintballs and the time had run out, the boys walked to a nearby park for some pizza and pop. After lunch the boys shared the different experiences they had had as leaders of Conquest. It was an enriching moment as the boys reflected with a healthy pride on the work they had done over the past year.

The day ended with an epic game of ultimate frisbee. It was back and forth, but ended at 10-8 as the parents arrived to pick up their boys.

The leaders have experienced during the year how good it is to work in the vineyard of the Lord in the Conquest club. Today they learned that it is also a great thing to celebrate work well done.

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