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Holy Week Missionaries

Missionaries of all ages took part in the missionary activity this passed holy week. From the missionary send-off at St. Dominic's parish to Holy Saturday, youth, young adults, & families with young children participated in missionary work to bring Christ's love to people in every circumstance.

St. Michael's Parish Missionaries

The partnership with St. Michael's parish, Oakville ON Holy Week Missions was a success. From Monday's sing-along to Friday's Stations of the Cross! The fruit of the missions was evident during Thursday evening's Adoration. We started with over 100 people in the church at the beginning of Adoration. At 10:30 pm, 60 people were Adoring our Lord. The night ended with 16 people still in the church praising our God.

Good Friday's Stations of the Cross was beautiful. Over fourteen families participated in the Stations of the Cross, walking around St. Michael's Church. Sixty people attended the morning's event. Families asked whether we could make this activity a tradition from now on.

Overall, 124 missionaries intersected in all missionary activities, excluding Holy Thursday.

Let's keep the light of Christ in our hearts always.

Missionary Families on the Street of Toronto

Missionary Families took to the streets of Toronto during Holy Week to give their time, resources, prayers, and thoughts, to support the missions, this apostolate of bringing love to those who need it most would not exist without each one of the generous missionaries.

Youth and Young Adult Missionaries

Hamilton Mission Youth spent a few days in Kitchener, ON ministering and spreading their joy and love of Christ.

Enjoy the recap video!

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