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Do you know this young man?

This is Br. Michael Aguiar. Br. Michael used to live in Milton, Ontario and he was a volunteer with the Conquest club of Milton. He started to volunteer with the club to gain volunteer hours for high school, through his affiliation with Conquest and the Legionary priests from the Oakville Community he was given the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage to Rome and eventually sense a calling to discern the priesthood. He is now at the novitiate in Cheshire, CT where he is continuing his discernment. He prepared a newsletter to keep in touch with all of us. Remember Br. Michael in your prayers!

Here are some excerpts from his personal newsletter:

Why Did I Join the Legion? Drowning in a world full of individualism, hedonism and minimalism, Christ reached into this valley of tears and saved me from all of it. Wanting nothing but happiness and to do what was right in the eyes of God, I was shown a road that was long, narrow and much less travelled – the road toward the priesthood. It was not what I wanted for my life. In this search for happiness I discovered my true desire of a longing for love. A desire that I was filling with what the world was telling me to do. It has only been through the Legionaries of Christ that this desire to love and be loved has been quenched day by day, getting to know Christ my teacher, friend and Father. I’ve opened myself up to God’s plan and discovered that I want to be able to give myself, my entire life, for the care and salvation of souls just as he did for me. Only in this way has God shown me the best way to be his apostle, his priest, his Legionary.

What Has Kept Me Going? Of all that goes on around here in Cheshire, from classes, to sports, to special events. The few biggest things that have kept me going are my adoration shifts, praying the Rosary and community life. My times of adoration are above all my favorite. Often it is just me and Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacrament, alone in the Chapel. There was one time I was praying during adoration and a mother and her son, about 5 or so, came into the Chapel. The mother began to pray but her son, not understanding, was restless and cranky wanting to go home. He kept saying, “Mommy let’s go home. There is no one here.” I remember when I heard those words, my heart sank and I felt a hole through my chest. I looked at the Blessed Sacrament filled with assurance and was able to renew my faith in Christ and His presence in my life. To this day, I continue to go back to that moment when I least feel Christ’s presence.

My First Religious Profession This upcoming September 3, God willing, I will be finishing my two years of Novitiate and professing the Evangelical Counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience. I have grown very excited for this day and continue to count down the days. It is a very special day for those of us wanting to take this next step in our vocation. To understand this better, look at it as an engagement. We vow to live, for the next four years, these evangelical councils according to the Constitutions of the Legion and officially give our lives to Christ. This is just the first step in my path toward the priesthood. After four years I will have the opportunity to renew my vows again if I still feel called; and then before I begin my studies in Theology, I will perpetually profess to live the rest of my life according to these vows and Constitutions of the Legion. I appreciate everyone’s encouragement and support as I continue to prepare for this day! Please continue to pray for me that I may always be faithful to God’s will.

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