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ECYD Week 5

Attend this amazing event to learn more about ECYD and how you can help or sponsor someone who would like to attend.

The fifth and final national ECYD Week is coming up soon and will run February 2-6. And registrations are open now! If you’d like to get more involved in ECYD in our locality, learn more about it, or discover what it’s like to live the Charism as an ECYD adolescent, then please consider representing Canada and the GTA at this event.

I was able to attend this event for the first time last year when I was still a deacon and not yet ECYD director. It was for me one of the top events of last year. Putting aside the adventure of my priestly ordination, which is clearly in first place, the ECYD Week is up there in rank with our Legionary Christmas get-together and the great high school boys camp we had. On the one hand, it offered professional formation in youth development that was relevant and given by articulate and amazingly prepared presenters. On the other hand, I rediscovered the joy of being an ECYD kid!

The meeting tables had chocolates and Legos, and the welcome packet came with a high quality ECYD fidget spinner (which I still use)–all perfectly adequate to keep me engaged throughout the four days. I was also able to see old friends and make new ones–Legionaries, Consecrated and lay people all engaged in building up the Kingdom in our youth. Hearing what’s going on in their localities has already led to fruitful ideas in ours.

The mission of the ECYD Week is “To offer a professional ECYD experience, seeing ECYD as the Regnum Christi charism lived by adolescents, through specialized professional development in accompanying today’s adolescent in their integral formation in the line of the New Evangelization.” The goal of this week (the last in the five-part series) is to “update and enrich the understanding of the adolescent today by looking more closely at current issues in the different dimensions of development particularly focusing on the social, spiritual and moral dimensions of the adolescent. Deepen in the Psychological and Pedagogical backdrop to our Youth work as one of the fundamental guidelines to formation in ECYD.” Follow the link to see this information packet for more details. Please prayerfully consider if the Lord is nudging you to help the RC family in this way.

Financial Aid for ECYD Week

We see this event as important for the growth of ECYD and RC in our locality, but it is certainly a big commitment for anyone who goes. Not only are you away from family and work for almost a week, but it is also fairly expensive- $520 USD if paid before December 31. We’d like to reach out to the locality to see if anyone would like to sponsor an attendee, including Fr Pierre and I. Please reach out to me if you need help or are able to help.

Fr Jerek Scherber, LC ECYD Boys Director 416-570-0079

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