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ECYD Week 5: Testimony

ECYD Week, February 2-6

February opened with ECYD Week in northern Kentucky. This year we had five representatives from our locality: Anarela Barios, Lydia Rett, and Frs Michael, Pierre, and Jerek. We were one of the top-represented localities! This years content was focused on the adolescent’s social, spiritual and moral development. The presenters flew, drove, or skyped in from several different states to deliver professional content in their area of expertise. I was relieved when after the second talk on the first day Lydia said, “that talk alone was worth flying down for.” Things were still just warming up!

Besides the content, however, I think the highlight for everyone was the overall experience. You sort of had to be there. 45 RC members gathered from all over the States and Canada–Legionaries, Consecrated Women and lay people–all with the same love for working with the youth, and many with lots of experience. Some of us had even grown up in ECYD. We were split into six teams that we would meet with every day. The bulk of the day was formation in the different focus areas. Every day was centered around our prayer together–Mass at midday, Adoration and Benediction at night. Finally, we were each being accompanied in our apostolates of ECYD. Those are the five elements of ECYD and RC: spiritual life, team life, formation, accompaniment, and apostolate. It was truly and “ECYD” experience.

Please let me know if your team is interested in a discussion on what some takeaways can be for here at home.

Fr. Jerek Scherber, LC

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