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Live the Mystery Through the Family

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Regnum Christi Members in Ontario are not short on initiatives to help families grow in relationship with Christ and form connections and friendships with other families. There are opportunities for all families to work together on their formation and apostolic missions.

Vibrant Family Ministries

A Catholic ministry where couples grow deeper in community with each other and with Christ. While sharing their insights and family experiences through the guidance and prompting of Catholic teachings and resources they sanctify their lives within the Domestic Church.

For more information contact Alejandro Sanchez and Sandy Marzal at

Missionary Families

‘Family missions as a way to bring families to Heaven’

This initiative aims to create apostolic family projects with a Biblical view of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Entire families with children of all ages are invited to gather for prayer, Bible reflection and community activities. A celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be dedicated to the Missionary Families every other month. Committed families will participate in a pilot project of the Missionary Families that support various outreach programs for the homeless, underprivileged and elderly care communities.

For more information, please contact Alejandra Briones (905) 580-0737 or Caroline Glaessel (437) 333-6211.

Home2Home Catholic Family Gatherings

Join us as we gather with a few families for prayer, reflection, and fellowship. Through the Home2Home Catholic Family Gatherings we hope to grow in our faith and build lasting friendships with other Catholic families in our community.

These gatherings are open to married couples and families. Children over 7 years old are invited to participate with their parents. You do not have to commit to all 10 sessions, join us for as many sessions as you can. Registration is free.

For more information contact Dave & Tima Borges at or to register visit:

Looking for more opportunities to connect and grow closer to Christ? Visit our events page!

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