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Making Present the Mystery - The Alabaster Woman

On May 28 & 29, Fr. Louis, Fr. Pierre and Egna Luz led over 35 women through a Virtual Spiritual Exercise.

It’s been over a year now, that Regnum Christi Ontario has been hosting events and retreats like this one via Zoom. While it’s not the ideal way to experience a retreat, and we miss so many aspects of the in-person experience including the part that means we actually ‘retreat’ by spending some time away from home in a center that allows opportunities to visit Christ in the Adoration Chapel or walk the grounds and receive the sacraments, the mystique and spiritual elements are not diminished.

Once again, the Holy Spirit proves that He can use what ever means necessary, so long as we are open instruments. Through Fr. Louis, & Fr. Pierre’s meditations and homily the women were led to encounter Jesus through Mary of Bethany. However, the most special experience came through the physical exercise led by Egna Luz.

The women were asked to prepare to be led through an exercise, titled, “Making Present the Mystery” The women were invited to have a heartfelt encounter with Jesus with gestures and feeling.

In preparation for the retreat Egna asked the women to have certain items available, such as:

  • A perfume/fragrance, or an oil that is kept for a special occasion.

  • A small jar with lid, or container to put some perfume or oil inside

  • A crucifix to pour the perfume or oil.

  • A silent space to focus on this exercise.

Egna then led the women through Mark 14:3 imagining themselves to be Mary of Bethany as they poured their ‘Alabaster Jar’ on Jesus. Many of the women expressed how this was a beautiful, intimate experience for them. However, what was most touching was the heartfelt words shared by Egna, who clearly had an authentic experience of her own as the Holy Spirit moved her to tears.

I am grateful for the invitation and guidance received from Fr. Louis to lead the 4th Meditation, with the exercise of gestures and feelings, Making Present the Mystery - Experience.

From our first talk about it, I felt connected right away since it is one of my favorite passages of the Bible and one that touches me in a special way. I asked and felt the Holy Spirit inspiring me at the time of preparation, when praying, reading, and meditating about the passage. I felt like we needed to walk participants into the experience, from positioning themselves as Mary of Bethany – The Alabaster Woman -, walking into the room and finding Jesus, until that special moment when their eyes found His!

It touched me profoundly to understand how our gestures and feelings offered with sincerity and humility make a difference in the expression of our love towards Jesus and that fervent dialogue with Him.

While my words and tears were present during the exercise with the participants, I personally felt that I was there in that room to accompany and console my Jesus before He was taken to Calvary.

I hope that everyone encountered Jesus as well in Bethany and were able to anoint Him with their most beautiful and meaningful gifts contained in their Alabaster Jar!” – Egna Luz

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