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Meet the Exploring Team

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

You will recall in a previous post we presented "What Are We Exploring?" Now we'd like to introduce you to the members of the exploring team.

Each of the team members bring in their own talents and gifts. Overall, the team is gifted with real estate knowledge, accountant expertise, Regnum Christi members, missionary projection and a lot of joy!

In this video Fr. Pierre, Fr. Jerek and Fr. Louis introduce the team, the vision and a plea for your support! Stay tuned for the dates you can join us in a Novena to St. Joseph.

Richard is dad of three daughters. He and his wife met the LC's through the youth ministry team at Mary Mother of God parish. As friends of RC they have attended many of our local events.

Oswald has two sons and a daughter. His family was introduced to the LC's through common friends in Milton. His older son Dylen participated in some of the ECYD Blitz events.

Louela is a wife and mother of two. She was introduced to Regnum Christi through good friends and became a member in November 2019.

Tima is a mother of 4. She has been a Regnum Christi member for over 13 years along with her husband David.


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