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Men Being Forged in Faith

On April 2, 2022, providentially there were 3 groups of men who gathered to be forged in faith and prepare for Easter.

One group of men gathered in Quebec, with Fr. Kenneth Leblanc, LC, a second group gathered at the home of the Legionaries of Christ Community in Oakville and a third group participated in an outdoor retreat.

There was a men’s retreat at the LC house on Saturday, April 2nd. There were 17 participants, mainly dads from the Conquest & Challenge clubs of Milton, including Regnum Christi member, Dave Borges. The retreat consisted of talks, personal time, adoration, and the opportunity for confession. During the last group gathering, some of the men shared powerful experiences of God. They left happy and wanting more!

- Fr. Pierre Caouette, LC

The outdoor men's retreat was held at Kerncliff Park. Twelve men attended and Fr. Louis led the retreat. It seemed like an act of God to see 12 men walk and meditate on the Gospel!

While most of the men who attended were members of the Regnum Christi Federation, they were each challenged to invite 2 friends to attend the retreat. In all, there were 5 friends who attended and actively participated in the discussions.

Fr. Louis' meditations focused on 4 sections and 3 gospels to read at each stop or start of the hiking section. The men would read the Gospel, walk and meditate and then next stop they were invited to share insights from the readings, testimonies and prayer intentions.

"For me personally, and I am sure I can speak for many others in the retreat, the fact that it was outdoor and we were walking, helped a lot in clearing our heads form our daily activities, distractions, and the Lord's creation was a big helper. Beautiful scenery and always surrounded by trees. It was a reminder that it is possible to "leave our life" and "follow Jesus", like Simon of Cyrene. We even had a lot of testimonies from our daily crosses and how Jesus has helped us deal with them. I really hope we can do more of these." - Alex Volkel

The Holy Spirit was surely at work on this day, helping these men get the most out of their lenten experience, deepening their friendship with Christ and with each other.

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