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Peter's Net: Bringing People to Christ

Two young RC men in our locality have started an initiative to bring people to Christ. They have started a website called, “Peter’s Net”. The website includes a podcast and a blog on the Saint of the day.

The goal and purpose of the website is to reach out to as many people as possible and show an authentic love for Christ so more people can learn about the love Christ has for them.

Through this website Eugenio and Matteo hope people will open their hearts to Christ’s love and mercy. So they may be guided by Christ just like the saints were and live a life of deep devotion to him.

The Story Behind Peter’s Net

Eugenio Ivan Nava, in Grade 9 and Matteo Paventi, Grade 12, are both members of ECYD. We asked them to share what inspired them to start this initiative, what excites them to continue their efforts , the challenges they face and what advice they have for other young people who feel inspired to do something for Christ.

“I have always tried to be active in the media and in the Catholic Church so I thought I could take what I already know about the media and apply them in a way for people to start learning about Catholicism and what it means to be Catholic.” said Eugenio.

“Ever since a young age I have enjoyed learning about the different saints within the Catholic faith. After going through high school and experiencing the different struggles that come with the high school experience, I realized the youth need to learn about the saints. The different people who have walked on this earth before us and spread Christ's love and mercy to other people even if it meant they had to encounter persecution, temptation or other trials along the way. I believe that saints have the power to impact people's lives and I have seen it through my own personal experience. Saints provide another path for us to Christ just like Mary and St. Joseph. I am truly blessed to have been asked by Eugenio to post the daily saints. Through this position I am able to teach people about saints and hopefully after they learn about the saints they start to seek Christ in their lives and deepen their relationship with him.” said Matteo.

Eugenio would like to see Peter’s Net grow to a point where it can provide jobs for people who have to support their families.

Matteo shared that he would like to be able to continue to post about the saints so more people can find Christ through the saints. “I hope people allow the saints to guide them to Christ and are influenced to deepen their relationship with Christ.”

Eugenio shared, “The most challenging part of this initiative is creating new questions to ask during the podcasts. I want to be able to ask new questions so people can learn more about the faith.”

Matteo says the most challenging part of this initiative is finding daily saints that will help people want to learn more about Christ. He hopes the stories of saints help people get through any of the difficulties or struggles they are encountering during this time. “I believe the saints can help us overcome any issue we may encounter.” said Matteo.

The main source of inspiration for Eugenio to create Peters Net came from another Catholic podcast named Pints with Aquinas.

Matteo was inspired by the story of Blessed Chiara Badano. After learning about her love and devotion to Christ he decided to change the life he was living. Slowly through a lot of prayer, he decided to post about the different saints. Hoping others would be inspired by the saints as well. Matteo believes strongly, the saints have the power to lead us to Christ and help us further our love and intimacy with him.

Recruiting Collaborators for Peter’s Net

The more people willing to collaborate the better. Eugenio and Matteo are looking for people to help with the questions they can ask on the podcast.

They also appreciate anyone willing to spread the word about Peter's Net. The only requirement to work with them is that you are above the age of 16 and that you are committed to help bring others to Christ.

It’s important that those who collaborate with Eugenio and Matteo believe in the mission and have an authentic relationship with Christ. They are hoping to work with people who can help spread Christ’s love and mercy to others. This is what they are trying to do with Peter’s Net. “We are open to any help we can get.”

A simple way to help is to share the impact the podcast or saint stories are having on your life, via the website or on social media. By sharing how these stories and interviews impact our lives, we are aligning ourselves with their mission to bring people to Christ. “If what we have posted had an impact on you, then you should share it with others.”

Message to Other Young People and Parents

Matteo’s message to parents and young people is this, “For all the parents who are reading this please tell your children about the different saints such as Blessed Chiara Badano, St. Catherine of Siena, and many more saints because it can truly change their lives and help them deepen their relationship with Christ.”

Matteo’s message to young people, “I believe it is important that you do not worry about the different obstacles you might encounter in the future while you start your initiative. It’s important that you spend time in prayer and open your heart to Christ. Let him lead you and provide you with all the different things you need to guide more people to him. Remember Christ is always going to be walking beside you through all the struggles and temptations you might encounter as you work to bring other people to know and love Him. Christ will always be beside you and there is nothing to fear since there is no obstacle that is too big for you to overcome when you surrender yourself to Christ and let him guide you. We are all chosen to serve Christ regardless of who we are or what we may think of ourselves, Christ will guide us and help us serve him and guide more people to him.”

Eugenio shared the following advice for young people who may feel inspired to do something for Christ, “Pray that God tells you if this is truly what He wants of you. If so He will give you the strength to continue your initiative. If not, then there will be something else that He will ask of you. God has a plan for all of us and I deeply believe that if you are being called to do it, then he will give you the resources you need and if not, then He will give you something else to do.”

May we continue to pray for our young people, may Christ help us guide more souls to him. May we all be united in Heaven together one day.

“Help us Lord, to remember that You have called us to love those who persecute us. We are created in Your image and it is our duty to provide opportunities for others to encounter You, through our prayers and actions.”

Be sure to visit “Peter’s Net” subscribe, like and share! Most of all keep these young men in your prayers.

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