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Spiritual Motherhood

On August 30th, our locality held its first ceremony for Spiritual Mothers at St. Michael’s Church in Oakville, Ontario. A group of women who have adopted a Legionary of Christ priest. After the ceremony, the LC priests sang Salve Regina to our Mom!

“The ceremony was so inspiring, I feel so grateful for each one of the legionaries and for the work they do, as they are so humble and could perceive their gratitude and how touched they are by all the care, love and prayers from the spiritual mothers. Being in such a Holy ceremony among the priests and the spiritual mothers in front of Christ and Mother Mary was like being in heaven.” – Sandy

“What a joy to be able to participate and be there. It was a beautiful ceremony. I felt fortunate to be part of this commitment. I was very moved to see these priests who have denied themselves to be part of this world to serve God, to follow the legacy and example of the apostles of Christ Jesus. I will do my part and support my adopted priest son with my prayers and requests so that he can be a worthy follower of Jesus and take his word wherever God leads him to proclaim the Gospel everywhere.  That he will be worthy to forgive our sins in the name of Jesus, to preside over the Eucharist and give us the bread of life. I will pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten him in times of darkness and for Mama Maria to help and strengthen him when he feels weak and tempted! Thank you, God, for this little mission that you have entrusted to me.” - Enid

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