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St. Dominic's Team: Come & See Event

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

On Friday October 23rd, St. Dominic’s women, RC team of perseverance held a Come & See event where they invited other women that were interested in participating in their weekly Encounters with Christ. Every member of the team was encouraged to invite other women who were interested in enriching their relationship with Jesus.

The Come & See event was held virtually with an incredible turnout of twelve women, with five new women participating.

The event began with an ice breaker activity, so everyone got to know each other a little bit. Fr. Louis joined the come and see event and led a very beautiful reflection on the Gospel. Afterwards, each member also shared and participated. Following the Gospel reflection each RC member shared their personal experience of being a member of Regnum Christi.

We’re thrilled to have added five new members to our St. Dominic’s team to get the beautiful experience of Regnum Christi .

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