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Update from Local Committee

Thank you for your prayers for the Local Committee as we move forward in learning how to serve and support you! It is truly a journey we are all taking together…

Here is a glimpse of what we’ve been working on recently:

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, the Local Committee members gathered at the LC Community home to work on the “mission vision” for the year ahead — to “see” where we’ve been, where we’re at right now and where we are going in the year ahead. 

A vital component to this plan included two reports which were submitted to the Territorial Committee. The ‘Locality Program Plan’ and the ‘Semester Report’ (both of which have been posted to the website for your perusal and reference).

The aim of the Locality Program Plan is to propel the mission of Regnum Christi and is designed to capture the unique and specific circumstances of a locality. It is simply a tool to help guide us as we work together to meet our objectives. Our Territorial Director set out four apostolic priorities and the Local Committee developed a plan of specific strategies and objectives (unique to our locality) to meet those priorities. Our plan was prepared and sent by the Local Committee to our Territorial Director for review and approval. 

The Semester Report is a tool to share both the successes and challenges of our locality with the Territorial Director. It gives the Territorial Committee a snapshot of what is and is not working in our locality so they can know how to direct, support and assist us in the best way. This bi-annual report calls for a consultation process, inviting all of our locality leaders (Team Leaders and AFIRE team members) to share their knowledge, thoughts and opinions and help contribute to three sections: 1.) Census Data,  2). Locality highlights from the past six months and 3). Locality highlights for the next 6 months. All the contributions for our inaugural semester report were compiled and sent to the Territorial Director.

This semester’s report is truly an inspiring portrait of all that we have accomplished as a locality in the past six months. We invite each of you to read this report to see the many reasons to celebrate all the great work you are doing in our locality and be inspired to keep working together to achieve the objectives set out for the next year!

May all of us be renewed in our mission of evangelization as we look ahead with the hope and joy that comes from our call to serve Christ and his Church through the movement. 

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