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Update from the Exploring Team

In June the Legionaries of Christ priests in the Oakville Community presented the three possible scenarios and we gathered feedback from our members on this project.

Three scenarios of potential futures were offered.

1. A house on a small plot

2. A house in a larger acreage

3. A house with a church and a community centre

There were two virtual presentations offered via Zoom and 34 RC members participated. After the presentation the members were invited to ask questions and share feedback.

We received overwhelming support in finding a permanent home for the LC Oakville Community. Overall members agreed that having a central location, a place for RC members & families to gather would make our locality more dynamic. The second scenario, purchasing a home on a property with some acreage, seemed to appeal to more of the members.

The main concerns shared included location and funds needed to purchase and maintain the property. Most of the members seemed to agree that a distance between 30 - 45 minutes would be reasonable.

Members graciously offered some recommendations and suggestions to meet those challenges. It was suggested that the LC's purchase a smaller home for now in Halton area and in a few years, sell and buy something larger. A few also suggested that the LC's collaborate with the school project that some RC members are working to open and operate as of September 2022.

In an effort to assist with the funding challenges, members suggested we explore the possibility that the Diocese of Hamilton may have property available for the LC community to purchase.

Many of these recommendations are already being explored. This meeting with members served as affirmation that we are all in agreement with a common goal of helping our LC Community to deepen their roots in our locality.

Thank you all for your time and willingness to engage in this community check-in related to the LC house project.

Please continue to keep this project in your hearts and prayers.

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