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We Are Teams of Apostles - 2020/21 Locality Plan

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

RC Ontario Local College shares our Locality Evangelization Plan for 2020

Regnum Christi Locality Plan 2020/21 Summary

We will continue as a locality, as we do in our territory, to focus on the current three priorities as a movement:

  1. Embrace our identity

  2. Evangelize with intentionality

  3. Develop leadership capacity

In addition, we want to work toward financial health of the locality.

Our Regnum Christi College met to put together a plan for these priorities in our concrete context for this year.


We felt called to go deeper of what “Embrace our identity” means with the following strategies for our locality:

1. We want to encourage everyone and work toward living our mission with the deep consciousness to make present the mystery of Christ. Christ goes out, reveals the love of his heart to us, gathers us together, and forms us as his apostles and Christian leaders; he sends us out and accompanies us in the evangelization of our locality.  In our Regnum Christi teams, we are his “Teams of Apostles” to imitate him in his approach to reach out, conquer hearts for Jesus, and bring them to him.

Fr. Bartunek, LC, has published two beautiful essays, “What Is Regnum Christi?” and “Our Formation Pathway”, that speak to this strategy. We encourage all of our RC members to go through these essays, either on their own or within their teams. These booklets contain so much treasure to enrich your faith and prayer life, as a RC member and as a Catholic in general.

For the whole year, we will keep our focus on implementing Christ’s way to go out, reveal, gather, form, launch, and accompany. What a beautiful way to follow our Good Shepherd and to shepherd others through him!

2. Our identity also includes a deeper sense of our RC family and of belonging.  It is a way of life shared with others. We aim to nurture this sense across all of our teams and in all of our RC members.

We saw a particular opportunity of living our sense of RC family by building bridges with our ECYD and youth activities, to support their activities and in turn, ask for their help for RC activities.

We will continue organizing RC Family events, virtually if needed and in-person when possible. Special considerations should be given to integrate our Young Adults, to invite our Conquest and Challenge families to our RC events, and to extend our activities to the whole family of our youth members.


We felt particularly drawn to

1. Strengthen families as the Domestic Church, especially through prayer and the Sacraments.

We want to encourage and empower our RC members to act on their inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  We also aim to continue our formation activities, this year with a special focus on fathers and men in general.  

2. Empower all RC members to better communicate our identity and charism.  A great way to do this is by sharing initiatives and celebrating accomplishments. Expanding our social media capabilities will be an important resource. 😊

For our LEADERSHIP goals,

We want to strengthen leadership on the team level, which is specifically expressed in our motto of “teams of apostles”. Our RC members have brought forward a wealth of great ideas during the time of the COVID restrictions. Any owner of these ideas can become the leader to bring their initiatives to fruition, or team up with others to collaborate on them. This includes our brothers and sisters in the more remote areas of our locality. Go for it, RC members!

For our FINANCIAL goals,

We recognize that we are still in the beginning stages of financial health. This is reflected in the objective to form a team to explore the feasibility of building a house for the LC community and an RC/ECYD mission centre, or other possibilities. Your suggestions and connections are most welcome!! Please send them by email to Fr. Louis De Vaugelas at:

We will continue our discussion on this plan at all levels throughout the year. At the RC College level, the main topics of the meetings for the remainder of 2020 will be:

• July— expand on the vision of our identity, budget for the upcoming academic year

• August—activities in lieu of Summer camps

• September—discuss the feasibility of our annual Christ the King celebration

• October—involving men

• November—vocations culture

• December— expand and form a concrete version for our locality vision of imitating Christ’s way to go out, reveal, gather, form, launch, and accompany

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