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While They Were Gone

In June, our LC priest's left their homes to capture a much needed “R and R”. It was an opportunity for the community to work in communion and joy to ensure that Mary’s garden was looked after when their formal stewards were away.

It did not take long to gather a group of men and women to take care of the Oakville LC home and ensure Mary’s garden remained vibrant and healthy. As a beautiful surprise to the LC priests, the rocks around Mary, intended to be a rosary, were lovingly painted to reflect its glory.

This task, meant to support our LC priests, became more than just a way of supporting them. It became a path for encountering Christ in each other. Christ was revealed to each other through the loving dialogue over email and pictures that were taken beside our Blessed Mother.

As a group, we accompanied each other through this task even though we performed our tasks separately. This task became more than something to do but a way to experience what it means to live in community and be connected to each other through common bonds of gardening, cleaning, and nurturing.

The impact of this activity continues its ripple effects by opening the space for:

  • more intimate friendships

  • knowing each other beyond recognizing one’s name

  • depending on each other.

More importantly, the effort provided time and space for our RC members to pray with our Blessed Mother. This indeed took place in one of the gardener’s visits.

This task was definitely a joyful event. To the gardening team, thank you for being moved by the Spirit.

Thank you to Tawnya Stanus, Lydia Rett, Luz and Matthew Bohorquez, Helen and Jim Powers, Tima, Jeremy, and Andrew Borges, Paola and Kiara Paventi, Louela and Peter Rankin

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