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Young Adults Dynamic Formation Sessions

Updated: May 22, 2021

Regnum Christi Young Adults in Ontario have continued to gather on-line on a weekly basis and it's bearing great fruit. Whether they are studying the Bible, Theology of the Body, or hearing testimonies from members of the adult sections, these young adult are living the mystery of Christ and growing in friendship with each other.

"I have been a member of the Regnum Christi Young Adults group for a few years and was delighted when we were able to move our formation sessions online. Being able to keep in touch with a group of my peers who share my Catholic faith, connect weekly, and encounter Jesus together has been a true blessing for me over the past year. Although meeting online cannot replace our in person gathering, I love that we are able to meet weekly, even when many of us live in different cities.

I have made new friends through this group and grown stronger friendships with others. Some of the sessions that bring me the most joy are the ones where no topic was set, we just chatted, played games and let the Holy Spirit guide our time together. Going through “An Introduction to Theology of the Body” was one of my favourite series and also the one that challenged me the most to dive deeper into my faith. These online formation sessions have been a light for me in what otherwise feels like a very dark time and I am so thankful to continue to be part of them." - Danielle de Rango

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