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Youth Work Looks Different This Year

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

The beginning of this school year has been exceptionally...interesting, you might say, and no less so for our many Conquest and Challenge clubs in the area. Shortly before school began, we received word that we would not be able to meet in the schools as we had in the past. Some clubs have found a way to work around that.

The Conquest and Challenge clubs at St Dominic's in Oakville, for example, is able to use the church hall and have begun in-person meetings--following all the safety norms, of course--under the fearless leadership of Michael Aguiar and Ale Briones.

Conquest and Challenge Milton have begun meeting online, picking up a few kids from some of the other clubs as well. Nazneen Duarte, Herbert Johnson and their leadership teams have done a great job learning the technical gymnastics required for such a feat.

The leadership of the St Michael's club in Oakville has decided to focus on the continued formation of their solid group of high school leaders, while offering the club-aged kids the opportunity to join the Milton clubs online.

The rest of the clubs (meeting in Hamilton, at Mary Mother of God in Oakville, and in Ajax) have opted to take a break for the year, given the circumstances and change of leadership in some cases.

Please continue to pray for our boys and girls in these clubs, for their high school leaders, adult leaders, parents and families. Conquest and Challenge are a concrete response to the invitation of Christ to build his Kingdom in hearts and in society.

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