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Changes to Locality Leadership

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

In June, the Territorial College for North America approved the addition of three new members to our local college.

We are blessed with the generosity of all those who serve our locality!

Learn more about the new members and discern how you can work in collaboration with them.

Sonja Dalle Ave has been a Regnum Christi member since December 2004. She is now the Women's Section Leadership Team, point person. Sonja has grown a lot in her faith through the ongoing formation opportunities and Spiritual Direction offered by RC. As a wife to Tony and a mother of 3 active sons, and with a busy job, it was difficult in these early days to make the time for team meetings and retreats, but these activities turned out to be true blessings for all her family. Now retired and with all her children grown up, she enjoys having more time to be with Our Lord and more leeway to be active in the movement and in her parish. She treasures the friendships and the team life of her RC group and the support from her local LC Fathers and hopes to do what Christ is asking of her at this time.

Michael Aguiar is a Canadian Catholic Evangelist and writer. Michael joins the College as the Representative for the Young Adult Section. He has studied in the Catholic Studies for Teachers program at the University of Western Ontario along with three years of Religious and Humanities studies at the Legion of Christ Novitiate and College of Humanities.

Since 2017, Michael has been a member of the Regnum Christi Federation and ministers to youth and young adults. He dedicates his time as a Lay Pastoral Associate and Youth Minister for St. Dominic Parish in Oakville. Continuing his passion for young people, Michael is the Programs Officer for Oasis Youth Care, providing extensive transitional support in housing, life coaching, and life skills training for youth ageing-out of the child protection and foster care system in Ontario, Canada.

Lydia Rett is married and lives in Oakville with her family. She has four daughters, ages 21, 19, 17 and 14. Lydia joined Regnum Christi in 2019 and is a member of the Oakville St. Andrew's Women's RC team. She is now the Secretary for the Local College.

Lydia is a stay-home mom and assists the Challenge Girls Club in Oakville for the last few years. She also volunteers with Halton Alive, a local pro-life organization and enjoys hiking, travel, reading and scrabble.

Please pray for them. As we read in our locality plan they will work with us to ‘reinforce bridges between the different realities, vocations, and generations of Regnum Christi’.

What is a local college? Re-watch this video to learn more.

Thank you, all for your generosity in serving Christ & His church through the movement.


Fr Louis

Here is an updated image of all the members on our Local College

Profile pictures of Regnum Christi Ontario Local College Members
RC Ontario Local College Members 2021

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