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Family, Faith and Fun

The clouds darkened, the winds increased to the rate of a tropical hurricane and we ran for shelter to pray in unity the Holy Rosary to Our Blessed Mother. No wait; that was last year. This year’s picnic was quite the opposite. The sun was shining and the weather was literally picture perfect. Not too hot, not too cold just the perfect temperature to unite in family and community to celebrate this amazing locality of Regnum Christi members, with their families and friends.

As we arrived, family after family, our beautiful Section Assistant and Oakville’s Team Leader, Melanie Digiantomasso greeted us with a warm and friendly smile at the registration table. . Our family name was then added to the decorative tree of life to celebrate our presence and commitment. Being my first RC picnic, I was not sure what to expect but right away I felt the acceptance and warmth that our community inspires. As the families continued to arrive there was a place for everyone. The families ranged from young families with infants and toddlers, like my own, to preteens, teenagers, parents and grandparents. Hope and warmth filled my heart as my daughters quickly said hello to their K4J friends and made new ones. I feel so blessed knowing that I am surrounded by a community that fosters values, virtues and faith that I want my children to grow and flourish in. They will always be surrounded by like minded individuals in this beautiful community after all as the proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Shortly after our arrival, the hungry mob gathered as Fr. Pierre, LC blessed the food and we enjoyed our picnic lunches and shared some wonderful treats. My husband pulled out his trusty mini grill and made Hot Dogs as the L.C’s made their rounds and Br. Luke organized games in the field adjacent to us. The little ones soaked their feet in the creek and I even caught the glimpse of a chipmunk. I noticed Fr. Pierre approached my husband and I wondered what my husband’s reaction might be. Although Mike is not a member of the movement he laughed and joked with Fr. as did most of the families throughout the afternoon. Looking back I can reflect on what a witness the LC’s provide to fallen away Catholics, if only they had more exposure to L.C’s and this community. Just as Fr. Pierre met my husband where he is at, we can meet those fallen away Catholics where they are at and provide them a place where they feel welcomed and supported no matter what.

The picnic lasted most of the afternoon, with laughter, food and the opportunity to meet new friends and reconnect with old friends from our Toronto, Brampton and Milton teams. It would not have been a truly perfect day without the common ground that being a member of the Regnum Christi movement provides. The spirituality of the movement was made evident as we united to pray the rosary and give thanks to our Lord through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. As a mother of three I was pulled in 3 different directions during the rosary and I asked our Lord for the peace and acceptance to offer what I could during the rosary. As I stood back and saw the large group gathered in faith, under the beautiful sky and the green outdoors, I knew my family and I were exactly where we were supposed to be, living out our faith with all of you.


Veronica Touhey Regnum Christi Ontario “Because I love God, I love His will above all else.”

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