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Holy Land Pilgrimage May 20 - 31, 2022

We invite you on a grace-filled journey that will change your life forever, in the footsteps of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Pilgrimage includes: Daily Mass, Baptism renewal at the River Jordan, and Renewal of Wedding vows at Cana.

We begin in the Galilee, starting point of Jesus’ earthly ministry. This is where He gave most of His parables and performed most of His miracles. We spend four nights by the serenely peaceful Sea of Galilee, visiting all the holy sites in the area.

Jerusalem’s magnificent Pontifical Institute Notre Dame, a towering French cathedral-like complex, will be our base for the next five nights. It is situated beside the wall of the Old City, allowing walking visits to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Calvary & the Tomb), Via Dolorosa, and other sights within the walls.

Father Kenneth LeBlanc, LC, has been accompanying pilgrims to the Holy Sites of Christianity for over a decade. During these pilgrimages, he draws upon his personal Biblical knowledge, together with the spirituality of the Legion of Christ, to guide pilgrims in an awakening of the pages Sacred Scripture.

Each day Fr. Kenneth will lead us in morning prayers, celebrate private daily Mass & preach in the Holy Sites. He will offer an evening re-cap reflection of what we saw, touched and heard that day.

Our custom pilgrimage offers: small group, expert guide with audio guiding system, deluxe coach, tips, all meals, and a traditional Palestinian Farewell Dinner.

For registration or further information contact: Jennifer Downs at: or 1-905-466-8396.

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