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Live the Mystery: Christ Gathers and Forms

Updated: May 22, 2021

The third video in the “Live the Mystery” series is ready. The second questionnaire

was to be submitted in mid February 2021.

Francisco Gamez, the Men’s Section Director reviews the second video which covered a reflection on how Christ ‘goes out and reveals” the love of his heart to others. In this video, we reflect on the next two of the six verbs in Regnum Christi Statute #8.

Fr. Pierre reflects on passage Mathew 8:23-27, “The Calming of the Storm”. In this passage, we see how the apostles are gathered around Jesus on the boat, which is followed by a formation session. Through the high intensity of the storm, the apostles were afraid. Through this experience, the apostles move from a head knowledge of Jesus to a personal experience of Jesus, because they themselves had to be saved by Jesus. We see how God puts all the circumstances in place to provide an opportunity to be gathered and be formed.

Christ Gathers

“God doesn’t need us to fulfill His plans,” says Francisco.

We are called to transform the world and make present His Kingdom, by working together, by being gathered, God communicates His love for us. While we may think working alone is easier, this is not God’s will. God desires that we are gathered.

Oscar and Monique Strassburger share their personal insights, how being part of a community, we are helped through our struggles. When we are together at an event or with our Teams of Perseverance we are gathered as a spiritual family, gathered by God. Through their personal testimony we hear how being gathered with other members of the church, they were attracted to the sense of family and community.

Christ Forms

Often, we think that formation requires deep study of a particular book, or forming ourselves, which is good. However, the example of Christ in the Gospels, he formed his apostles by example, His word, and divine action.

“Christ formed us from the very beginning of our being, from the beginning of our life,” says Francisco.

Christ meets us where we are and takes us at a pace that is specific to our individual faith journey. Oscar shares, how this formation is a key for parents, so we can pass on the faith to our children. Monique shares how the formation structure offered by Regnum Christi is what first attracted her to the movement. Regnum Christi’s integral formation inspired Monique as the focus is on modeling Christ as he pours His love out to us and invites us to live the mission he started.

Watch the video and submit your teams responses to the reflection questions to your Section Director.

The next video and questionnaire will be posted in April with a new video on “sends and accompanies”.

Learn more about "Who We Are" and how we aim to live the mystery of Christ through our adult, young adult and youth work.

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