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Living the Mystery as a Locality

The Live the Mystery Conference held in April was well attended by Regnum Christi across Ontario and the Maritimes.

The organizers, and speakers did an amazing job renewing our love for Christ. The conference provided an opportunity for us to reignite our love for the mission He has entrusted to us. Living out our vocation as Regnum Christi members.

A young adult, Michael Aguiar, began with a talk on the “Regnum Christi Charism” where he spoke from the heart and provided an opportunity for all of us to examine how we are living out the charism, how Christ goes out, reveals the love of his heart to us, gathers us, forms us and then sends us out and accompanies us.

Experiencing the Mystique of Regnum Christi

We watched pre-recorded presentations by Fr. John Bartunek, LC and Fr. Sylvester Heerman, LC. Fr. John Bartunek’s presentation provided affirmation that we need to take time to spend with Christ in prayer, and in communion with others. Furthermore, it was a reminder that we are in a battle, be it a spiritual battle, and so as soldiers for Christ we need to have a base camp where we go to be renewed and formed to be efficacious in our mission to win the world for Christ.

Fr. Sylvester Heerman’s talk provided some deep, spiritually moving insights. The one point that truly struck me was when Fr. Sylvester spoke of our attitude towards Christ when we are undergoing some type of challenge or suffering. In most cases, we pray for an end to the suffering or for strength to overcome the challenge. We can become disillusioned when the suffering or the challenge persists. Perhaps, challenges and sufferings we endure are opportunities to allow Christ to accompany us and accompany others through us during the suffering. Do we allow Christ to accompany us and others amid suffering?

After each presentation, we were split up into small groups where we were able to share our reflections and answer some discussion questions. It was a great way to build that family spirit and experience the mystique among other members of our spiritual family.

“I thought the three videos and two live presentations were excellent. I trust that they will renew our conviction that Christ has called each one of us to Regnum Christi and inspire our hearts to make present the mystery of Christ at this pivotal moment in the history of the Church. Fr Bartunek's analogy of Regnum Christi as a base camp and each of us as part of a community of apostles who go out on mission into the post-Christian culture seems to have resonated with many participants.” - Alicia Cestra, Women’s Section Director

A great big thank you to all who organized this virtual conference and provided all of us with an opportunity to experience Christ. Even though it was an online event, it was engaging and experiential, a great way to connect with members we have not seen in a long time.

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