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New Year’s Resolution

Dear Friends in Christ,

Among G.K. Chesterton’s many famous lines is his answer to the question, What is wrong with the world? The British essayist’s pithy reply: “I am.”

Such a surprising answer, coming from someone known for his literary cheekiness, challenges the rest of us.

Indeed, it is a fitting line to keep in mind at the start of the New Year, when we feel the nudge to make (and actually keep) a resolution for 2016.

If you are still searching for a resolution, why not consider Chesterton’s line? If ever the world is going to change, it has to begin with each of us having a deeper conversion. We need to improve. We need to make an effort to draw closer to Christ. The onus is on us.

That means the best resolution for 2016 should be something that touches on the spiritual life.

In Christ,

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