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Art Therapy: Prayer & Art

On September 25, 2022, my daughter Chloe and I joined a group of wonderful ladies from the Missionary families for an art therapy session organized by Fr. Louis and artist Pora Lee.

The session took place in Pora Lee’s backyard. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The session opened with a meditation led by Fr. Louis. The meditation was about Jesus healing a paralyzed man from the Gospel of Luke. Jesus saw the faith of the men, forgave the paralyzed man of his sins, and healed him. 

Pora Lee is an artist full of love and energy. The unique painting technique she taught us is inspirational and we started painting away, letting our creative energy flow. We took turns talking about our paintings and learning about the feelings behind the images which are all powerful witnesses of our Lord’s love in different shapes and forms.

We are so grateful to Fr Louis for organizing this wonderful art therapy session and for Pora’s hospitality. We surely hope to be able to do this again! "

Vivian Poon

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