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Boys Camp

Not to long ago I had the blessing of assisting at Camp Breubef with the young boys, including many Conquest members I knew from our sessions at St Michael’s boy’s club.

I was there as Chaperone, since the brave team leaders, high school boys, Fr. Jerek and Fr. Adam were running the show.

It was a magnificent blessing! Watching those boys talk about the a gospel, listening to their meditations. They showed deep humility, and young and hungry hearts open to the Lord ‘s love, it was amazing.

It actually inspired me to continue to help with any of these retreats and clubs. Just thinking about how much the world needs these future catholic men makes me want to help more.

I strongly encourage any of you to come and yes, you can start small by helping out at Conquest club in Oakville, for example . I even learned how to cook pancakes, thanks to Google!

Contact Fr. Jerek if you would like to help out. You won’t regret the experience.

God bless you all.

Alex Volkel

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