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Good Shepherd Testimonies

Updated: May 22, 2021

“My experience volunteering was incredible, it reaffirmed that doing good for others is good for the soul!” – Mecca

“This really was a wonderful opportunity to help prepare and serve a meal for those less fortunate.” – Isabella

“This experience taught me to reflect on the little things that I take for granted day to day. I find that we often take for granted the simple gesture of kindly saying hi to a stranger. Through this experience, I found that by extending your hand to a stranger and asking how they are, can impact the trajectory of their day for the better. It truly is the little interactions that are the most meaningful to those who need it the most.” – Hannah

“Volunteering today was a wonderful reminder that we all have the ability to make a difference in someone else’s life.” – Emily

“An incredible and humbling experience to serve those in need.” – Debra

“I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to serve alongside my dear sisters in Christ.” – Lydia

“I felt love the day I went to the Good Shepherd Centre. I felt the caring from my team and our children, as well as for the people I served. The experience reminded me that we are all people with the basic needs of food, water, and shelter. We are not different but the same. Life’s circumstances may have brought us to different places, but we are all loved. As beloved children of God, we need to care for one another and be cared for by each other. The Good Shepherd experience created the space for me to experience God’s promise that we are His beloved and that I have a responsibility to participate in creating a community that promotes love and caring for my brothers and sisters.” – Louela

“As the snow fell silently outside the window, there was a buzz of activity inside the Good Shepherd kitchen as we diced onions, chopped fruit, sliced bologna sausage, made sandwiches, stacked desserts on trays, and later served a hot meal and washed the dishes. It was a joy to serve the less fortunate with my Encounter team and our daughters.” – Alicia

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