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Missionary Families

Updated: May 23, 2021

"Today it was our turn to go with the Missionary Families apostolate to Hamilton and help the Sisters of the Poor deliver food to the needy. It was such an amazing experience!!!! The younger ones were not allowed to go but our two eldest invited friends. They came home super happy."

Missionary Families was born as an answer to the impelling need of families. An opportunity to share the love they have with others by connecting them with those families in need within our communities.

As of today, 14 families are involved and 5 more are in the process of getting to know the apostolate. Apart from the 4 apostolates offered, Missionary Families has also reached out to 3 families in need and has provided them with gift cards, clothes, food and furniture.

Missionary Families also looks to connect the families involved, so they can support and encourage each other. To encourage this sense of community we have started a newsletter. The first newsletter has already been sent. In it they share a testimony and introduced some of the families involved. Additionally, on May 15th there was a virtual gathering and sharing of the missionary families.

Six Ways Missionary Families Benefit the Family

Some of the added benefits to this apostolate are:

  • We are helping the local Church.

  • Working as a family.

  • Working for the family.

  • It creates community as families know there are other families doing the same.

  • Families assume a true responsibility, but knowing they are not alone.

  • Families don’t have to invest time looking for where they can help, the options are given to them.

I have to highlight the importance of this last point. Canada is a country where the opportunities to help those in need is not as evident as in third world countries. In a fast-paced society having someone connect you with the local needs is of great value.

The ECYD girls are one of the families that have joined the missionary families. Nine of the girls have adopted a retirement resident and are writing monthly letters to their adopted resident. One of the girls coordinates the other eight by reminding, giving ideas, collecting and delivering the letters. Additionally, when the first of the families in need asked for help, the situation was shared with the ECYD girls and some of them immediately went into action collecting things. The girls are organizing another collection for the other two new families in need. This can be an important bridge between ECYD and RC.

Learn more about Missionary Families and other ways to Live the Mystery Through the Family.

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