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To Know, Love and Serve

Testimonies from Vibrant Family Ministries

When we departed from our home country, we landed first in the US where we attended a church with services in our native language.

A few months later, someone invited us to a prayer group, and we became part of a beautiful community linked by faith. Later we moved to Canada and knew we could only find another community like that at church. One day, a couple invited us to attend an RC group called “Familia” now “Vibrant Families Ministries.”

We joined an information session and immediately as an act of faith we registered. The first sessions felt awkward, but we kept coming back because of the program material and shared values, and we soon felt more comfortable and began bonding with the other couples.

We had the blessing to be accompanied by the priest who started the groups as he attended some of the sessions. Participating in Regnum Christi's events, helped us to grow in faith. It’s been 10 years since we joined as a community, we have lived through many hard moments, some of them ongoing but we have remained together. We have not only been able to support each other but we have also strived to be a testimony of hope, faith, joy, and Christ’s love for his church to each other, our families, and hopefully out in the world. There are many ministries to join, we just need to accept the call and let God do the rest.

-Adriana and Arturo Mondragon

We recently had an opportunity to do a couple's book study, "To Know, Love, and Serve". We had bi-weekly meetings with other couples to discuss and go through the book and the questions and everything like that. We found every single time we work with people discussing this content matter, we loved it, it was very fruitful for us, and all the subjects were great and important for our marriage

We just had our second child Kathery, she's ten weeks now, and at that time it was a busy time, life is always busy, so it is a choice, work to get the reading done and to show up to the meetings but every time we met it was very edifying and very fruitful. We had conversations that we haven't had since marriage prep, it was conversations that maybe we are aware of and had in the past but it's just very good to have them again, and again definitely good to have those conversations with other couples who are seeking the same closeness with the Lord.

And even when we finished the study of the book, we made the decision that we will keep the book available to us on hand in our house just so that we can reference it again. It's something that is not a one-and-done thing either, it's something that can come back to and review and use again as a tool to grow or to communicate better and all the different things that the book can help you go through.

-Kate and Steve Norman

The book "To Know, Love and Serve" is part of the pilot project of Jean (RC) and Melissa (authors of the book), to create the workbook. This book is now running with two groups in Mississauga, Oakville, and Milton.

Additionally, it's being introduced within a Family Life Ministry in a Mississauga Parish with almost 30 couples split into 5 groups.

For more information, please contact Sandy (647-907-3877) or Alejandro (416-689-2515)

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