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Women’s Silent Retreat Testimony

Women's Silent Retreat | Regnum Christi Ontario

What I learned from this retreat…

That we encounter with God through prayer, through our spiritual commitment to prayer, so we can be able to listen to God and discern what he has prepared for us and wants us to put into practice in our daily life with love and humility and with others.

Also, that Virgin Mary gave us a great example to follow in our lives, and that is the unconditional love she had for others no matter who it was, since she suffered so much seeing how her son was being tortured. That’s why we should love her as we love her son our Lord Jesus Christ; if we are good on earth we win the paradise.

Mary is the purest love that exists on earth, and that’s why we should imitate her and follow her example.

Thanks to Father Thomas, to the organizers of this retreat, to all the participants and the ladies that prepared the exquisite meals.

– Nery Gomez, Newmarket

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